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The Battle for Middle-earth 1vs1 Patch 1.09
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T3A:Online is a custom online server for the Battle for Middle-earth series. It allows you to log in through the game's online interface and play against your friends and foes. Make sure to try it out, it's free!

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11 Mar 2023 22:22, Dunharrow 2p:
Zira2 (Gondor) vs Zira (Rohan)

29 Jan 2023 18:31, Fords of Isen 2p:
gahvin (Random) vs Fishy (Random)

The host is always the first name and printed in bold, whereas the randomized map (out the QM map pool) is next to the "submitted" timestamp and each army follows the players name as in Player (Army). To get ranked report your match.

11 Mar 2023 22:22h, Dunharrow 2p

Zira2 (Gondor)


Zira (Rohan)

29 Jan 2023 18:31h, Fords of Isen 2p

gahvin (Random)


Fishy (Random)

21 Jan 2023 22:45h, Khand 8p

zsun (Random) & nelson (Random) & bwel (Random) & necro (Random)


felix (Random) & yoshi (Random) & croat (Random) & cowboy (Random)

20 Jan 2023 22:40h, Osgiliath II 4p

necromancer (Random) & croat (Random)


balin (Random) & nelson (Random)

20 Jan 2023 22:32h, Mouths of Entwash NM 4p

balin (Random) & croat (Random)


nelson (Random) & necromancer (Random)

20 Jan 2023 22:16h, Mirkwood 4p

necro (Random) & balin (Random)


croat (Random) & nelson (Random)

18 Jan 2023 19:28h, Crossroads II 4p

dark (Random) & nelson (Random)


danny (Random) & necro (Random)

18 Jan 2023 19:04h, Central Ithilien II 4p

necro (Random) & gahvin (Random)


nelson (Random) & dark (Random)

18 Jan 2023 18:45h, Anorien 4p

dark (Random) & gahvin (Random)


necro (Random) & nelson (Random)

17 Jan 2023 22:28h, Eastfold 4p

akselus (Random) & thorin (Random)


fishy (Random) & necro (Random)

Ladder Admin T3A:Online StaffTotal players0
Ladder started02 Jan 2021Total matches0

  • 04 Jan 2023: Bwel & necromancer defeated Th0rin` & PvtCowboy
  • 04 Jan 2023: necromancer & Bwel defeated Th0rin` & PvtCowboy

Orange is the best.

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