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T3A:Online is a custom online server for the Battle for Middle-earth series. It allows you to log in through the game's online interface and play against your friends and foes. Make sure to try it out, it's free!

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Total matches 5Highest ELO (ever)3000
Total wins1Total losses4

20 Oct 2018 biHatch & Elite defeated Fingolfin & KingOfMuma
20 Oct 2018 biHatch & KingOfMuma defeated EMIN3M & Cheat2Win
13 Oct 2018 Cheat2Win & OmranTheGray defeated XS|Promage & KingOfMuma
12 Oct 2018 XS|Promage & Saitama defeated KingOfMuma & NaturKraftwerk
12 Oct 2018 NaturKraftwerk & Saitama defeated XS|Promage & KingOfMuma

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KingOfMumaProfile KingOfMuma

Revora ID938473
Active in ladder(s) The Battle for Middle-earth 2vs2;
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